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Monday, August 01, 2005

Another family requiring prayer is one with three children living in very bad conditions. The mother has been bitten by rats as she slept and despite having tetanus injections she feels unwell. The mattress on the bed can be seen moving as baby rats move in their nest. The "husband" is a pleasant young man who changes into an aggressive bully when he has been drinking. His doctors have told him that he will not get old if he does not stop drinking but he is still addicted to drink.
We noticed that the children had cuts on their arms and we asked about the marks, they told us they had cut themselves because that was what daddy did. Sometimes the older girls in the family are put out of the shack all night when the father is drunk, sometimes they go out themselves because they are afraid. These children are btween 11 and 7 years of age. Please pray that father will come to realise his problem so we can begin to help him.
We would like to rehouse this family but they need to show willingness to change their situation. The mother is willing but lives in fear of her husband when he is drunk. Please pray for wisdom for all who are involved in trying to help this family and for courage for the mother to take the steps to help her family.

Yours in Him
Martin and Trish


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